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The debate over Proposition 14 cultivated a whirlwind of information and misunderstanding, marked by angry exchanges on the merits, and running through the entire debate a plague of bitterness, ill feelings, and slurs.

On any given day, the effort to overturn the Rumford Act might involve highbrow jurisprudence, righteous indignation, or racial epithet.

In many ways, the Rumford Act played as bawdy and violent as the land and mineral grabs of the original California Gold Rush: Rumford received an invitation to a stag dinner party—complete with one hour of "entertainment"—that was sponsored by the Associated Home Builders of the Greater East Bay; while across the state, pamphlets and pickets revealed the ugly fascist undercurrents of support for Proposition While conservatives such as Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles argued that blacks are "better off in Los Angeles than anywhere else", blacks knew that they were kept out of participating in the city's prosperity.

On May 26, , Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In August, , the Watts Riots broke out. According to later reports, the riot was a reaction to a long record of police brutality by the LAPD and other injustices suffered by blacks, including discrimination in jobs, housing, and education.

Reitman , ruled that Proposition 14 violated the State Constitution's provisions for equal protection and due process.

In , in Reitman v. Mulkey , the U. The last of the automobile factories shut down in the s; the tire factories and steel mills left earlier. Most of the agricultural and dairy operations that were still prospering in the s have moved to outlying counties while the furniture industry has relocated to Mexico and other low-wage nations.

Aerospace production has dropped significantly since the end of the Cold War or moved to states with better tax conditions, and movie producers sometimes find cheaper places to produce films, television programs and commercials.

However, the film, television and music industries are still based in LA, which is home to large numbers of well-paid stars, executives and technicians.

The manufacture of clothing began on a large scale in the early 20th century. The fashion industry emerged in the s with an emphasis on sportswear and leisure clothing, and expanded after to second place behind New York.

It moved operations to Torrance in , because of easy access to port facilities and the LAX airport. In it announced it would move of its employees to Plano, Texas, near Dallas, to be closer to its American factories.

In , the equivalent of 7. International trade has generated hundreds of thousands of jobs in Southern California. Moving goods is now one of the largest industries in the region, one that helps provide low-cost imports to consumers across the country.

The ports are among the region's most valuable economic engines. The overall metropolitan LA economy was healthy and in just one five year boom period to attracted , working immigrants mostly from Asia and Mexico and about , workers from elsewhere in the U.

The jobs they were offered depended largely on their educational qualifications. At the same time, the number of immigrants from Mexico, Central America and Latin America has made Los Angeles a " majority minority " city that will soon be majority Latino.

The unemployment rate dropped from 6. The desire for residential housing in the downtown area has led to gentrification.

Historic commercial buildings have been renovated as condos while maintaining the original outside design , and many new apartment and condominium towers and complexes are being built.

Since the s, there's been an increasing gap between the rich and the poor , making Los Angeles one of the most socioeconomically divided city in the United States.

By the end of the 20th century, some of the annexed areas began to feel cut off from the political process of the megalopolis, leading to a particularly strong secession movement in the San Fernando Valley and weaker ones in San Pedro and Hollywood.

The referendums to split the city were rejected by voters in November Many communities in Los Angeles have changed their ethnic character over this period of time.

For many decades, the population was predominantly white and mostly American-born until the late 20th Century.

While the Latino community within the City of Los Angeles was once centered on the Eastside , it now extends throughout the city. The San Fernando Valley, which represented a bastion of white flight in the s and provided the votes that allowed Sam Yorty to defeat the first election run by Tom Bradley , is now as ethnically diverse as the rest of the city on the other side of the Hollywood Hills.

The population of Los Angeles reached more than , with the census Los Angeles Evening Express , October 1, , more than a million in , more than two million in , and more than 3 million in The first Chinese arrived in Los Angeles in Henry Huntington came to value their expertise as engineers.

He later said he would not have been able to build his portion of the transcontinental railroad without them.

Others moved to Chinatowns in the cities. Most worked as launderers, cooks and fruit and vegetable growers and sellers. The thriving Chinatown , on the eastern edge of the Plaza, was the site of terrible violence on October 24, A gunfight between rival tongs resulted in the accidental death of a white man.

This enraged the bystanders, and a mob of about Anglos and Latinos descended on Chinatown. They randomly lynched 19 Chinese men and boys, only one of whom may have been involved in the original killing.

Homes and businesses were looted. Only ten rioters were tried. Eight were convicted of manslaughter, but their convictions were overturned the following year on a legal technicality.

This Chinese Massacre of was the first time that Los Angeles was reported on the front pages of newspapers all over the world, even crowding out reports of the Great Chicago Fire , which had taken place two weeks earlier.

While the Los Angeles Star went so far to call the massacre "a glorious victory", others fretted about the city's racist and violent image. With the coming economic opportunities of the railroads, city fathers set themselves to wipe out mob violence.

Their efforts, however, led to more restrictive measures against the Chinese. In —79, the City Council passed several measures adversely affecting Chinese vegetable merchants.

The merchants went on strike. Los Angeles went without vegetables for several weeks, finally bringing the city to the bargaining table.

Historian William Estrada wrote: The strike was a sign that Los Angeles was undergoing dramatic social, economic, and technological change and that the Chinese were a part of that change.

Since when the immigration laws were liberalized, Los Angeles has emerged as a major center of the Korean American community.

Its "Koreatown" is often seen as the "overseas Korean capital. After the riots many relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. According to Park the violence against Korean Americans in stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean Americans, but it also split them into two main camps.

The "liberals" sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating. The "conservatives," emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party.

The conservatives tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically blacks and Hispanics.

The younger generation especially realized they had been too uninvolved in American politics, and the riot shifted their political attention from South Korea to conditions in the United States.

The labor vacuum created by the Chinese Exclusion Act of was filled by Japanese workers and, by , the settlement known as " Little Tokyo " had risen next to Chinatown.

Most of the adults lacked United States citizenship. It was disrupted in with all the residents moved to relocation camps inland in the Japanese American internment.

During the years between the two world wars, Los Angeles' Asian American community also included small clusters of Korean Americans and Filipinos , the latter filling the void which followed the exclusion of the Japanese in The influx of immigrants from the Philippines , Korea, Taiwan, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia has led to the development of identifiable enclaves such as Koreatown in the central city and Samoans in Wilmington and a Thai neighborhood in Hollywood.

Los Angeles was founded by settlers who were predominantly of African descent, and the city had 2, Black Americans in By this grew to approximately 15, In , the city had the highest percentage of black home ownership in the nation, with more than 36 percent of the city's African-American residents owning their own homes.

Du Bois described L. That changed in the s when restrictive covenants that enforced segregation became widespread. Blacks were mostly confined along the South Central corridor, Watts, and small enclaves in Venice and Pacoima, which received far fewer services than other areas of the city.

After World War II, the city's black population grew from 63, in to , a decade later as many continued to flee from the South for better opportunities.

By , Los Angeles had the fifth largest black population in the United States, larger than any city in the South.

Still, they remained in segregated enclaves. The Supreme Court banned the legal enforcement of race-oriented restrictive covenants in the Shelley v.

Kraemer case , yet black homeownership declined severely [] during this period. Decades of police mistreatment and other racial injustices eventually lead to the Watts riots of , after a minor traffic incident resulted in four days of rioting.

So many businesses burned on rd Street that it became known as "Charcoal Alley. The City strove to improve social services for the black community, but with many of the high-paying industrial jobs gone black unemployment remained high.

The growth of street gangs and drugs in minority communities exacerbated the problems. By , the LAPD, which had followed a para-militaristic model since Chief Parker's regime in the s, became more alienated from minority communities following accusations of racial profiling.

After four days of rioting , more than fifty deaths, and billions of dollars of property losses, mostly in the Central City, the National Guard and the police finally regained control.

Since the s, more middle-class black families have left the central core of Los Angeles to settle in other California municipalities or out of state.

That percentage has dropped to 10 percent in as many continue to leave to settle elsewhere. Los Angeles still has the largest black population of any city in the Western United States.

The anti-union, open-shop heritage of the Chandlers and the Los Angeles Times continued to assure Los Angeles of a steady supply of cheap labor from Mexico and Central America throughout the 20th century.

This was met by the increasing opposition of anti-immigration forces throughout the country. A steady migration of Mexicans to California from to expanded the Mexican and Latino population in Los Angeles to 97, or 7.

In , a large repatriation of —, Mexican immigrants and their children began after the onset of the Depression, massive unemployment, encouragement by the government of Mexico, the threat of deportation and welfare agencies willing to pay for the tickets of those leaving some 2 million European immigrants left as well.

At the same time, the city celebrated its th anniversary in with a grand "fiesta de Los Angeles" featuring a blond "reina" in historic ranchera costume.

By the Latino population dropped to 7. During World War II, hostility toward Mexican-Americans took a different form, as local newspapers portrayed Chicano youths, who sometimes called themselves "pachucos", as barely civilized gangsters.

Anglo servicemen attacked young Chicanos dressed in the pachuco uniform of the day: In , twenty-two young Chicanos were convicted of a murder of another youth at a party held at a swimming hole southeast of Los Angeles known as the "sleepy lagoon" on a warm night in August ; they were eventually freed after an appeal that demonstrated both their innocence and the racism of the judge conducting the trial.

Today, the event is known as the Zoot Suit Riots. In the s, redistricting led to the election of Latino members of the City Council and the first Latino members of theLos Angeles County Board of Supervisors since its inception.

In , California Voters passed Proposition , which denied undocumented immigrants and their families in California welfare, health benefits, and education.

With the growth of the Latino community, primarily immigration from Mexico, but also from Central America and South America, it is now the largest ethnic bloc in Los Angeles.

By , Latinos outnumbered Anglos in the city by over a million and account for 50 percent of the County's population. City Council member Antonio Villaraigosa was elected mayor in , the first Latino elected to that office since the The act would make "unlawful presence" an "aggravated felony.

It was the largest demonstration in California history. Similar protests in other cities across the country made this a turning point in the debate on immigration reform.

Some of the best history appears in the appropriate chapters of the multivolume history of California by Kevin Starr, including Americans and the California Dream, — , focuses on novelists; Inventing the Dream: California through the Progressive Era ; Material Dreams: Southern California through the s From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Legend El Aliso , giant sycamore , historical symbol of Los Angeles. Calle de los Negros Mellus Block , Gen. Part of a series on the.

Maritime Railroad Highways Slavery. Los Angeles in the s. Los Angeles International Airport. History of the Chinese Americans in Los Angeles.

History of the Japanese in Los Angeles. Now You're Speaking Our Language: The Indians of Los Angeles. San Bernardino County Museum.

The Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and Contested Space. University of Texas Press. The Politics of Public Space and Culture.

Let There Be Towns: Spanish Municipal Origins in the American Southwest, — Floricanto Press, , 50— Garr, and Axel I Mundigo. Spanish City Planning in North America.

The Los Angeles River: It's Life, Death, and Possible Rebirth. Johns Hopkins University Press. Suzanne Oboler and Deena J. Archived from the original on California Before the Gold Rush , ed.

University of California Press. John Bidwell Pioneer of ' Retrieved September 30, History of Los Angeles County. The American Historical Society.

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The new American city and the end of public space. Volume 87, Issue From Watts to East L. Race and the War on Poverty in Los Angeles'.

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The Japanese of Los Angeles, Ethnic Los Angeles Johnson Jr, Walter C. Farrell Jr, and Chandra Guinn.

Tensions, conflicts and community instability in metropolitan Los Angeles," International Migration Review 31 4 pp: Retrieved from " https: History of Los Angeles Histories of cities in California.

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Before Interim government — Gold Rush — U. Anyhow I could ramble on and on about the memories of those years as an Angel fan, but work awaits.

Take care and thanks for the great memories of a great time. Continued success in all you do. Bury, Attorney at Law.

He gave it all up because his wife was unhappy that was never home. He quit sports broadcasting and went to law school. Al has a very successful law career.

He is a very smart, good guy. Al lost his wife about the same time Beverly died. He has a very lovely daughter who lives in LA.

I am very fortunate I have an outstanding family and having friends like Al Wisk. I have had them off and on since around , and in my case, they led to something a lot more serious.

In April, my doctors discovered during a routine blood panel that something was amiss with my kidneys themselves. A few more blood and urine tests plus an ultrasound showed that something was blocking my left kidney's drainage to the bladder, and a subsequent CT-scan turned up a 1.

This resulted in hydronephrosis, meaning urine built up in the kidney and it was close to the point where it would have begun swelling as a result.

I am fortunate that the medical group with most of my doctors has a very talented urologist in its number, and she trained on a roboscopic procedure under the doctor who created it.

I have had a stent connecting the kidney and bladder since then, which has thankfully drained most - if not all - of the liquid from there.

The kidneys are part of the regulation of your blood pressure. I never knew that. Since then, we have been trying in vain to convince my insurance carrier - which shall go unnamed to prevent possible legal action against me - to authorize a second time 'on the table' to get the ends removed.

Only then will my nephrologist be able to determine how much permanent damage there is and what can be done to maximize what capacity remains viable.

Ed can take my word for this: Two months of having a stent irritate your bladder and cause frequent 'false alarms' on urination, with trace amounts of blood and a burning pain similar to a still-to-be-passed stone every third or fourth time, is a LOT worse than a stone which, once passed, is no longer causing pain and discomfort.

Jason Insalaco came across more props from the new Quentin Tarantino movie shooting in North Hollywood. Al Wisked Away to Dallas. That was because Lisa was let go to make way for Allie.

I got death threats. Allie shares another battle. Thirteen years ago, she had her first surgery for melanoma. Good thing I did. My oncologist said it was a matter of time before it spread farther.

Bob Marley had melanoma on his toe. It spread throughout his body and we lost a legend. Get your skin checked, wear sunscreen, stay out of tanning beds She attended events, participated in meetings and cheering on her Dodgers at games.

She kept pushing her voice. The shows, interviews and commercials. You have to listen to your body and put your health first. No World Series games.

Lisa said that Justin Timberlake had to cancel his tour for 2 weeks for the same thing. Only about 1, feet.

Congrats to the Red Sox, clearly deserving and a better team. All things considered, it's just a game, and there are far more important things going on in the world" There was no pain or suffering.

Jamie was originally scheduled to be a performer in the show. Ellen K and Roy [Laughlin ] and Valentine were on stage.

And then the KIIS street team, the people who are interns and part-timers who hang up banners at events, marched past Jason and sat in row 4.

The rest of the KYSR morning team complained that often they are placed in the balcony at company events. Laughlin Responds to White's Rants.

She is one of a few great L. It was a brilliant idea with the salt water coverage of the California coast line.

I was not yet in broadcast ownership, and a grad student at USC. I listened everyday for the signal coming on.

It was the early s. Then there it was. And it was terrific coverage. An interesting side note. In those days the FCC did not allow personal messages.

KBIG had an engineer whose last name was Bailey. Dial forward to the s, and I had Some of the FM Association members were pushed out of shape at the thought of this competition.

In any event, Poole dropped the idea and built I lived back east but let me share one. As I recall, it ran from four to four-thirty a.

I sent in a report and got an acknowledgement. I heard the station again when I visited LA in , and they were still broadcasting from off-shore.

Each was on from 9: Each formatted the same way, two tunes X 5 in the half hour. I knew nothing of broadcasting. I told him of my childish naivete and he got a chuckle out of that.

He probably knows that. But his mention of Mr. Sanders triggered a memory for me. One of my classmates was a young woman who said that she could get into KRLA pretty much any time she felt like it.

I put her to the test one night. We cut class, hopped in my car and headed to Pasadena. She was true to her word. We got in the station.

It was shortly after midnight. Years later I reminded him of this, but he had no memory of it. We then went in the studio and spent the next hour chatting with Arlen Sanders [who was a very nice guy] watching him spin the hits.

It was a magic hour! I was in ground central of the radio big-time! So near and yet so far. When it ended, I was higher than a kite [just endorphins].

We left the station and hit the freeway, listening to KRLA of course. I cranked it and we flew. Eventually the young woman put her hand on my arm and told me to slow down.

I looked at the speedometer. We were doing mph. I never made it to KRLA. What a difference one letter makes.

Instead of sunny Pasadena, it was snowy Idaho. And if you want to read about it, you gotta buy the book. Now there is a master of real estate as a financial investment.

The traffic and talent part of the station was still in the Huntington Hartford offices in Pasadena. We communicated by a forerunner of the fax machine, some tacky paper that smelled to high heaven, but got the job done.

It was all a pretty strange set up, but great fun. The man is a brilliant programmer, strategist and on-air talent.

I was so lucky to work with him those years. It was great to remember the talented folks I met there: He claimed to be Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who said they were touring America for the first time.

Back then, a lot of the kids were putting on a phony British accent so I had my doubts. He even came by to visit!

Oh, I met the rest of the band too! Right time, right place. Who cares if Charley takes a breath. Stop taking everything so seriously. Thank goodness some people think before they speak.

It takes a newspaper nearly a whole day to report anything. The site is a labor of love, no ads or subscriptions. Young people are NOT listening to radio for music.

The corporate clowns have ruined radio. The men tend more to shrug it off and just retype [or let it go, because what the hell There are only a few things I remember about him: Public were able to come and view the dj encased in ice [I remember because I was one of the people who went to see him].

Any help is appreciated. So far, the response has been Incredible and I mean that in a good way! If you dare, and all that.

Not so much today. With the beginning of social media, the opportunity to promote seemed like a natural, and some embraced it.

Yet others felt that their radio station alone was bigger than all social media. After all, they could promote on multiple frequencies, appearing on sister stations up and down their corporate hallways.

As consolidation took hold, executives seemed to hunker down, and as a result they became isolated.

I believe we would be hard-pressed today to nominate 10 of these invisible leaders. Is there any correlation to the paucity of radio leaders promoting radio?

Nowadays, the singleness of purpose seems to be sales. Those are the call letters programmed from some far away corporate headquarters or by someone who also has to program another station down the hallway.

The audio environment is being created and distributed for total disruption. No longer is radio the fair-haired child coveted by the public.

As I sit writing this essay on Sunday afternoon, I have asked Alexa to play a half dozen audio sources, only a couple of choices were LARadio.

The weekend programming seems to be an after-thought for most programmers. Who are our leaders who can shout from the tallest tower about the virtues of radio?

Who locally is giving us reason to listen to compelling radio instead of watching NFL football? Who out there is interested in informing the public about the impact of radio?

Have you ever won a family four-pack to Disneyland? Just look at the station websites and all you get are photos, news stories and ads. In the big office off the left of the front door was the music director, Mary Kelly.

Jimmy O'Neill was a monster personality doing afternoons. And does anyone remember Skip and Flip? And the battle began.

Bill's Biz is Hardly a Dud. I'm Dressed, You're Not. A rchives 3rd Quarter Anniversary of AT 40; Passing Parade: Rushmore of sports; Neil Ross pens new book; Highest paid radio people; Looney looks to add game show host to eclectic career; Burt Reynolds apologizes with a twinkle; Traffic reports won't be so Rosie Wedel ; Voice of Trojan basketball headed for Thunder; the night Elvira spent with Elvis.

Archives 2nd Quarter About the Publisher of LARadio. Barrett is a historian of contemporary Los Angeles radio history and author of Los Angeles Radio People , published in He published a second volume of the book a year later, along with the launch of a daily website column.

In , he started as the radio columnist for the Orange County Register. He also earned a master's in psychology. Barrett was part of the marketing team that released E.

He also represented a number of films at the Cannes Film Festival. All stations saw an increase from last month. Netflix, like its 'Mowgli' trailer, looking for its place in theatrical jungle.

Missy Elliott makes history as first female rapper nominated for Songwriters Hall of Fame. No problem — there will be plenty of audience favorites at the Oscars.

Netflix, Filmstruck and the fuzzy future of classic movies. Ingmar Bergman documentary covers the Swedish director's genius, quirks and faults.

Thanksgiving shenanigans set the table for the frantic and warm coming-out comedy 'Lez Bomb'. Twenty years later they reunite for the concert of their teen dreams.

Joni Mitchell just turned This tribute concert was not a worthy gift. Moby takes his politics to the polls with pop-up shows.

Miranda The best of times, the worst of times: Luis Valdez's 'Valley of the Heart' shares an immigrant story from California's past.

How Daniel Barenboim's orchestra of Israeli and Arab musicians is faring in the current political climate. Company Town Warren Littlefield's company inks new deal with Fox television ahead of takeover by Disney.

Disney pulls back the curtain on its streaming service — a little bit — announcing new 'Star Wars' and Marvel shows.

Planes galore at Google's new Spruce Goose hangar office.

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